A response from a participant on Rosalind Crisp’s workshop weekend at USW –  Mary Eddowes
Tool 1a & Friends
Leg here leg there
Inner thigh lean
Inside outside foot twitch, outside inside other foot wiggle
Sit down
Cheek on floor
Skull left
Nose thrust
Following the touch
Stay with that
Leave that
Forget that
Remember that
Things get funnier as you get older
How do I move toward my own gizzards?
Rocking my insides and outsides
HOLD her leg
Heavy legs
Meat slabs
Skin, bone, muscle, tissue, fascia, aura, ether, eyeball
We have so many surfaces
Brush, slice, suction pads on skin
Lion growl and jellyfish flop
Let it go
What is the entry point?
Be loose
Find tone
Untone, untune, retune, who is singing?
Choreographer, dancer and philosopher
Judge (don’t)
If you want to be a judge, go into law.
Eyes closed, allow the other senses space
Hello sensation
Responsive body responding responsively
Melt jerk flirt with possibilities
Then leave
discard, move on, run away from, dissolve, hide, drop, throw, forget
Find something from a nowhere place
Find something from somewhere
There is no nothing
There’s always something
Knuckles fall, arm follows, spine droops
I’m dancing
By accident
Accidentally on purpose
What’s your prerogative?
Free the cells, free the mind, freedom
Yet constriction contradiction.
That helps free up everything
I’m surprising myself
Finding new ways to feel movement in my body
Oh oh, this is FUN.

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