the weight of your hand 



find a patch of sunlight to stand in

or a quiet room

a comfy cushion to sit on 



perhaps you can hear birdsong

or the hum of the fridge-freezer

the roar of an occasional engine

or the neighbour’s radio 



hold one hand in the other

left into right

or right into left

cusp one hand so that its weight can drop 


weight falling into the other hand 


eyes closed or eyes open 


be with that for a moment 


the weight of your hand. 






then maybe they swap roles

and the hand first holding now gives weight while the other supports it

it could go back and forth a while 


i like throwing one hand up and catching it again

i like letting the hold slide along the hand to find a new hold elsewhere

finger tips and palm and back of the hand and slice of the hand and thumb

and wrist and forearm

holding touch

throwing and catching touch

dropping catching touch

sliding touch

feeling touch remembering touch

bouncing, easing, warming, playing, scouting 


it becomes unclear which hand/wrist/arm is supporting which

in this give and take and back and forth 


and all the rest of us joins in this dance 


of course 


and perhaps our touch finds new places to land on

the top of the head, the base of the spine, ribs or belly or heart

or the ground

to slide and hold and drop and catch and ease and bounce and play and scout


and maybe as you move, the movement of your breathing becomes a hum

if it wishes to

and – why the hell not – let that hum become a song if it’s that kind of a day

what is your favourite song? 


and perhaps this is all done and dusted in the space of a few minutes

those stolen between morning coffee and year four maths

or perhaps you can spend more time with it either way is fine

no one way is more or less than the other 





find an island to stand within

and hold the weight of your hand.


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