3, 2, 1, blast off… launch initiated!

The Groundwork Pro Launch went off with a bang, 16th May the team assembled at Nofitstate Four Elms meeting room armed with nibbles, Pimms, a projector and a whole lot of pent up excitement and suspense.

We knew 20 had booked but were unsure how many people might make it. We were delighted to welcome over 40 people in for the evening event, first of many we hope are as well attended and full of such a positive buzz!

Looking around at the full room at such a wide sweep of the sector we felt a sense of a real beginning, one of action and one that brings people together for exchange, support and opportunity.

After people had settled in, had a good natter and started on the cake we unveiled our program of class, open space and events. It was wonderful to see some of the tutors we’ve programmed, as well as the venues and organisations who are supporting the program all there to hear about it.

The website was aired and idea boards entitled ‘Classes’, ‘Events’ and ‘Future’ were added to throughout the event.

We have been a part of the dance scene here in Cardiff, collectively, for over 45 years, and all agree what has kept us here is, in large part, the supportive atmosphere and people. This has been compounded by the level of support people have offered and are continuing to offer to Groundwork Pro in order to make it a success.

Huge thanks go out to all those who came before us – a legacy of knowledge that continues through the people still here revolutionising the approach to professional development today. We’d like to thank our partners – Chapter, Rubicon, Cardiff Met, University of South Wales, Coreo Cymru, Creu Cymru, the talented website designers at Proper Design and Arts Council WalesWithout you this would not be possible.

Now a word to the people this is designed to benefit… yes, that’s YOU!

Please come to classes, open space, and events. This pilot project is to test the waters, to see if this is sustainable. The lack of provision for ongoing professional development is something we’ve all complained about and felt the lack of, especially since the closing of WID and CDW.

Please come along to make this a success and we hope to continue to be able to provide high-level training well into the future, if you have any ideas, needs or desires come and speak to us, we want to provide something relevant and to connect with the people working here today.

Now we are looking forwards to our classes starting, with the wonderful Sean Feldman on June 1st, and the second event of the program takes place on 8th June. This is a chance to meet up, discuss our independence or interdependence as makers, artists, people, and to see the fantastic evening of performances from the international cast of Dance Roads.

We’re excited… and we hope you are too!

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