We’re two weeks in to our program of professional class and its been a brilliant two weeks.

Week one was with Sean Feldman – it’s always a pleasure to be in a room with Sean as he transfers a sense of joy in moving and a warm acceptance of everyone and everything. Class was open, generous and supportive – it felt like a perfect start as this is just what we want Groundwork Pro to be.

Week two was with Patricia Vallis – contemporary ballet. I re-engaged some muscles that I haven’t used in quite a while and re-discovered a pleasure in doing ballet. I wasn’t the only one, some attendees who weren’t wholly convinced by the idea of ballet were pleasantly surprised. This of course was all down to the wonderful Patricia who is generous in her praise and in no way at all resembles the scary ballet teacher of my past!

There has been a great mixture of familiar faces and people who I’ve never met before.  I love that I can meet, chat and train alongside friends as well as Groundwork being a space where new people feel welcome and new connections can be made. It feels like this is an exciting start that’s generating a really positive energy – lets keep this moving.

Day 1’s turnout surpassed all our expectations of how many people might attend these classes. Since then it has settled roughly around where we expected……have you been to class yet?? Remember this is a pilot! We think that what we’re offering is great and if you do too, then make sure you come so we can make it keep on happening. If it’s not what you want or need then let us know so we can try to do it better.

Coming up over we have class with the lovely Eleanor Brown and then the wonderful Jo Fong. Classes are at Rubicon, Cardiff Met and Chapter. Hope to see you there.

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