Please welcome our Seed’s Dispersed Artists for November 2020!

In our final round of remote residencies these three artists will each be nurturing the seeds of new ideas supported by mentors and the Groundwork team, thanks to funding from Arts Council Wales. 

headshot images of the three selected artists. left to right: white Caucasian female blonde hair, green shirt top, white Italian female, brown hair, red lipstick, white shirt top, black male, very short hair, dark crew neck t-shirt
(artists from left to right)

Indigo Tarran
Indigo Tarran responds to the government’s controversial ‘Re-skill, Re-think, Re-boot’ campaign through an exploration of her experience in various manual labour jobs and her relationship to a pair of work boots that serve her equally well dancing and working and working on dancing. Bringing new meaning and depth to the term ‘transferable skills.


Gaia Cicolani
Gaia Cicolani will use the residency to become better acquainted with her character of ‘Miss B’. The way she sits, moves and interacts with her environment, like a proper lady should, and her bizarre acts of misbehaviour. Is she any less of a woman when she chooses not to conform?


Bakani Pick-Up
Bakani Pick-Up’s project ’93 Interlude: Pilgrimage to an Alternate Dimension’, is an investigation into the autonomy for Black performing bodies through improvisation. Bakani will look at the Black performing body as a metaphor that encompasses difference and otherness. He will proposes this work as a means of occupying space and questioning the way in which we acknowledge aesthetic economics through the use of western techniques and critique.

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