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Through funding from Arts Council of Wales and with studio support from Chapter Arts, Cardiff, Groundwork have been able to offer residency commissions to support Wales based artists and artists with strong connections to Wales to develop their artistic practice through mentored residencies.

In 2020, as COVID19 arrived, Groundwork offered residencies at home – ‘Seeds Dispersed’, and commissioned artists Eeva-Maria Mutka, Kitsch’N’Sync, Emily Robinson, Jo Shapland, Becky Johnson, Jessie Brett, Bakani Pick-Up, Gaia Cicoloni and Indigo Tarran.



Indigo Tarran


In response to the government’s controversial ‘Re-skill, Re-think, Re-boot’ campaign, Indigo investigates and shares their exploration of manual labour as part of their practice. Describing the layers of information ingrained in the body through the extensive time spent working and dancing, and working on dancing. Questioning the egoless body, viewing the body as a tool. 

Filmed and edited by Indigo Tarran, mentored by Eddie Ladd 

Sounds Contributions by Piers Partridge

Creation supported through Groundwork Pro’s SEED’S Dispersed Residency in November 2020. 


Gaia Cicolani

It’s time to give Miss B. a visit! What has she been up to, we wonder? Has she been behaving like a proper lady should? 

How should a “proper lady” behave? This is the key question Gaia has been exploring with her character, Miss B. 

Society puts such constraints on how women should behave, this idea of being proper and or perfect. Are we any less of a woman if we choose not to conform? 

Created and Directed by Gaia Cicolani, mentored by Maria Carolina Vieira.

Creation supported through Groundwork Pro’s SEED’S Dispersed Residency in November 2020. 


Bakani Pick-Up

’93 Interlude: Pilgrimage to an Alternate Dimension’

Through this work Bakani looks at the Black performing body as a metaphor that encompasses difference and otherness. This work is a means of occupying space and questioning the way in which we acknowledge aesthetic economics through the juxtaposition of using western techniques and critique, by investigating the autonomy for Black performing bodies through improvisation.  

Filmed danced and edited by Bakani Pick-Up 

Creation supported through Groundwork Pro’s SEED’S Dispersed Residency in November 2020. 


Jo Shapland

Embodied Tales of a Hag 1- Corvid

These fledgling short films represent the beginnings of a new project, Corvid, part of my ongoing “Embodied Tales of a Hag”.

Over this initial period of embodying a sense of a “birdhuman”, influenced particularly by the rooks and jackdaws that inhabit my wild garden, I had the good fortune to spend a week on Ynys Enlli where I enjoyed the company of the red billed and footed Choughs (otherwise known as sea crows) that live there. My films reflect on the changes that my attempts to embody corvid catalyzed.

Films danced and edited by Jo Shapland

Photography credit: Sreejith Ramanan


Becky Johnson

Becky’s project, Didi’s Cookbook, will combine the ingredients of exploration with text, movement and a relationship to grief. Creating scores from recipes, Becky’s practice looks set to bring Kitchen dancing to a whole new level. 
Photography credit: Mari Makarov

Link for blogs:


Jessie Brett

Jessie will be using her residency time to collate and process the rich findings- video, audio, drawings etc- of her research project, Diary of a pregnant artist and find a way to share them with us all. A transformational journey full of womanly secrets and wisdom, which had to be cut short due to the current shifting landscape, can hopefully now find an outlet. 
Photography credit: Ashenafi Gudeta Abate
Artwork credit: Lynette Mar


Eeva-Maria Mutka

Eeva-Maria Mutka shares film clips and images from her residency here, exploring the interweaving of body and the physical terrain of home, in the unprecedented time of a global pandemic. Mentor: sculpture artist Mandy Lane.

Photography credit Eeva-Maria Mutka








Kitsch’n’Sync’s TikTok videos are now live! Meet the Maxi Muffs, highly visual characters that entertain and educate about gender inequality and the ‘phenomenon’ of the Pink-Tax. Mentor: Lea Anderson.



Emily Robinson Dance


Emily Robinson released her dance film Seedlings of Time, created with her father and exploring themes of nurture and care in their garden in Port Talbot. Mentor: Kimberley Harvey.






SEEDS artists 2018 – 2019

Groundwork commissioned the following artists through SEEDS residencies 2018 – 2019, supported by Chapter Arts Centre:  



These commissions were paid, week long residencies at Chapter in December 2018 and June 2019. 

Below are some edited sections from their sharings:

Shakeera Ahmun

Kip Johnson 


Eddie Ladd

Luke Divall and Natalie Corne

Artists Luke Divall and Natalie Corne sit on chairs next to Groundwork founding member Deborah Light
Luke Divall and Natalie Corne held a discussion on their findings from their residency.
Photo Dan Green


Other Residencies include a partnership with M.A.D.E. Cardiff

Through a partnership with Zoe Gingell at M.A.D.E. art gallery and cafe in Pontcanna, Cardiff, the following residencies were also supported through mentoring and free space. Here are two short edited films of their sharings.


Jess Lerner


Eef Bonnett





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