‘After years of drifting in and out of my passion for movement, I began to show a keen interest in choreography during my third year of dance training; where I also graduated from the London Contemporary dance school in 2014. This is where I had the opportunity to both perform and choreograph many student works. I was involved in works by Richard Alston, Martin Lawrence, Sasha Waltz and LCDS touring company LC3. During my third year at LCDS I trained at the California Institute of the Arts as an exchange student for 4 months, where I collaborated with many different artists ranging from dance, film and music. This is where I really ignited my passion and drive for choreography. I have also grown particularly interested in dance for film where I have since created many short films ranging from abstract and subjective to genre based.

Dehsira– A short film based on a woman who has experienced loss for the first time. Performed by Sung Hee, Choreographed by myself.

An abstract film –¬†performed and choreographed by myself.