Mike Williams is an independent Freelance Dance Artist with a wonderfully varied career of almost 15 years.
Mike trained at Roehampton University, graduating in 2006. He has a broad, eclectic performance career and has performed for several prestigious and emerging companies, independent artists, and theatre-makers such as Earthfall, FFIN DANCE, Exim Dance Company, Ransack Dance Company, JoonDance Company, Chisato Minamimura, Luke Pell with Candoco Dance Company, Melanda Dance, Sue Williams with DanceForms Productions and Jamie Fletcher and Company with Contact Theatre.

Coming to dance from a gymnastic background, Mike longed to fulfil his dream of becoming a successful performer despite prejudice from others at a young age.  Mike is currently a company dancer with both Ransack Dance and Joon Dance Company. Alongside his freelance dance work, he is now enjoying a successful career as a developing Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher.


Photo Noel Le Conte

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