Kalpana is a Yoga and Qigong teacher and Photographer. After spending a total of six months in Daoist martial art and meditation retreats she has been greatly influenced by Daoist philosophies and Chinese five element theory. Kalpana loves to share this knowledge and wisdom in her classes integrated with movement. Kalpana has taught yoga at Cardiff University for ten years and several community projects making yoga accessible to people of all backgrounds and ethnicity’s.

Kalpana will start the session with a short talk on some of the principles of daoist teachings and going back to the state of Wuji – pure potential, followed by a mix of static postures and flowing sequences.

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Groundwork are delighted to offer three paid residencies to dance/movement artists based in Wales, to be completed between September and October. The residency can take many forms; we want it to be shaped by you and your current artistic enquiries. It does not need to be product driven, but can be if that is relevant…

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