I am a dance artist, currently based in Wales. 

My experiences as an adoptee have led me to an art practice that seeks to untangle my internal struggle with a notion of self and my identity. “Where are you from?” is a poignant question for me, challenged also by my mixed British/Afro-Caribbean cultural background. My work manifests and explores these ideas through an autobiographical narrative; playing with movement and dance, embroidery and textiles as modes in which I explore objects that unlock my memories, experiences, and relationships. 

Further to my personal practice I seek to collaborate with other artists across disciplines to explore the relationship the body and movement can have with other art forms, as well as other lines of enquiry.


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Latest from the blog

Wales Freelance Taskforce Update

The Wales Freelance Taskforce has published a report on Dance in Wales. This report has been compiled by Deborah Light with input from across the dance sector. This report has two key areas of focus: The chronic underfunding from ACW for dance in Wales as evidenced in data and statistics, corresponding with and compounded by…

Dances that didn’t happen

Dances that Didn’t happen: Artist Conversations Podcasts The first episode is now live! A series of three podcasts, in conversation with female artists who I didn’t get to work with during lockdown.  This series aims to question where artists have found focus and what shifts we have and are making in this time where many…

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