Many thanks to Vanessa for an insightful day exploring MESH methodology, which was rich with visual and detailed research information.

A big thanks to Ballet Cymru for partnering with us to make this workshop event happen, as well as Rubicon for the studio space, helping Groundwork to bring independent dance artists together with professional dancers from Ballet Cymru and the Groundwork team.

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Unwrapping D_a_n_s_e by Rosalind Crisp

A comment by Eva Marloes It is danse, not dance, because it was in France where Rosalind Crisp realised what she needed to do next. She needed to challenge all the moves and positions that controlled her body after years of ballet and dance training. The one-woman performance begins with a video of Crisp. She…

Dance is a Work of Love – An Interview with Rosalind Crisp

By Eva Marloes I meet Rosalind Crisp in the upstairs theatre at Chapter. ‘This is my space,’ she says. She takes long strides and almost dances to get to her bag. She asks me whether I’m a dancer and looks a little disappointed when I tell her that I’m not. I tell her that I’ve…

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