Groundwork offered 2 bursary places for independent artists to support a week of choreographic practice under the mentorship of Lea Anderson at NDCWales.

“Working with Lea was a great experience. It was a blessing to be able to explore, play and challenge my usual working practices in the confines of this supportive environment. I find that one of the hardest things to do with your work as a creative is to continually challenge your making and your methods, whilst finely balancing criteria; whether that be an expectation from your audience, the sought after results of a commissioner or guidelines determined by a funder- to satisfy that and your own innate curiosities, of various directions and colours, is a true juggling act.

Weeks such as these are then vital in my eyes, for us as a community to come together around the spirit of play and for artists of whatever background to indulge, experiment and learn. We began each day with “practice of the day”, lead by Lea, which deftly moved from found images to responding to the space itself. The most insightful lesson for me was the assembling of images. I was truly engaged in the craftsmanship of assembling a huge swathe of images, from varying contexts, and unearthing tools of how to look, how to see, how to embody and ultimately find threads which connected them. It began to open ideas and tasks concerning structure, making us question the reality of how we define edges in a “structured” piece of choreography. It helped me to understand what I like to respond to, what I don’t like to use, methods I use readily and methods I could explore more. I left the week with a fuelled sense of energy and momentum and I am keen to take the lessons on and explore how they can continue to inform and educate my working practice as a choreographer.”

Photo Dougal Rose

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