Gather together on Midsummer’s Eve to witness, support and discuss an informal sharing of work from Groundworks Seeds Residency Artists:








No tickets required! If you are interested in coming to the sharing, please email to let us know you plan to attend.

6.30pm Artist sharings – witness, support and discuss @ Chapter Stiwdio and Lloft

5.30pm until late eve – Solstice celebrations @ Chapter garden/bar

Eddie Ladd is renewing her solo practice.

In the context of the current climate emergency, Kip Johnson is exploring what role the body plays in activism.

Eddie and Kip will share their explorations and the Groundwork team will create a framework through which we can discuss and support these new beginnings.

Drinks and snacks will be provided at the sharing.

Join the Groundwork team and the residency artists before (from 5.30pm) or after in the Chapter garden/bar to continue the Summer Solstice celebrations.

Kip Johnson – Seeds Residency Artist
Kip is a dancer, maker, performer, and environmental activist. After a week of camping in London as part of Extinction Rebellion’s Climate protest in April, he began to wonder what role the body plays in activism? Can it become a resource to be called upon in these urgent and fragile times?

What does an activated and urgent body look like? Can we afford to be passive anymore? How can the body contribute to, and be valued in, engaging people in the crisis that is Climate Change? These are questions that Kip hopes to open out in his Seeds residency.

Shared practice event – Wednesday 19th June /2pm – 5pm /Pay-what-you-like 

Kip would like to share his process with the wider dance community. Share in the conversation through movement and open up questions around what it takes to show up actively for what we believe in.

Eddie Ladd – Seeds Residency & Laboratori Artist
Mae Eddie eisioes wedi dathlu trideg o flynyddoedd eiraidd yn showbusiness.

Dechreuodd greu ei gwaith ei hun tua 1989. Cynyrchiadau theatr mewn theatr oedd rhai o’i sioeau (weithiau ar borfa, ar beiriant rhedeg ac mewn blawd serch hynny) tra llwyfannwyd eraill mewn safleoedd arbennig megis tai teras, closydd fferm a meysydd. Bu rhai ar daith ledled Ewrop. Bu’n defnyddio technoleg newydd o’r dechrau a derbyniodd gymrodoriaeth gan NESTA yn 2002 er mwyn atgyfnerthu’r elfen hon yn ei gwaith.

Mae’n falch iawn o chael ei dewis ar gyfer dwy breswylfa oherwydd prin yw’r cyfleuon hyn a methiant iddi yn llawer mwy cyffredin!

Eddie Ladd has spent at least thirty golden years in showbusiness.

She started making her own work in about 1989. Some have been staged in theatres (though sometimes on turf, a running machine and in flour) and have toured all over Europe. Others have been site-specific, in terrace houses, farmyards and fields. She has used new technologies from the very beginning and received a NESTA fellowship in 2002 to develop this element in her work.

She is very glad that she has been chosen for two residencies as these opportunities are rare and failure her norm!

Seeds is a supported residency offered by Groundwork in partnership with Chapter. Two artists are given space and a week’s fee as well as mentoring support to explore their ideas and practice without the pressure of a specific outcome or output. The Seeds artists were selected by a panel consisting of the Groundwork team and Fearghus O’Conchuir as an independent voice.

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