Cardiff Boneyard, 6pm Saturday 13th October, through to 10am Sunday 14th October

We will inhabit a night time space together, working at intervals both indoors and outwards through the sleeping city.

‘All-nighter’ will be a workshop that takes the frame of the nocturnal city. Beginning at dusk, we will share food and begin movement and somatic explorations that prepare us to navigate the city as darkness falls. Working with practices of drifting, witnessing and the collecting of found materials, we will then return to the space to work and share.

We will sleep at intervals and wake to experience the different phases of darkness during the night time, working both with materials assembled in the space and outdoors on micro expeditions through the vicinity. We will orientate to the darkness through the adapted senses; working with movement and touch, proprioception, hearing and emergent night vision.

This workshop introduces physical practices and scores that invite a tender and liminal engagement with the night time, urban wildlife, our selves and each other. For the duration we will proceed without electrical light, using available light and candles to navigate the night time.

To end we will find a place to watch the sun rise, followed by shared breakfast and a fire…

Simon Whitehead is a Movement Artist based in rural Wales. His works respond to circumstance through movement and image and may manifest as solo actions or social choreographies, often working with the public, other artists, animals and places. He is currently working on Endarken, a project that develops movement practices that propose different ways of being together in the darkness.

www.simonwhitehead.net www.untitledstates.net

To book a place on this workshop all-night event, please email us at groundworkprocardiff@gmail.com

An access fund is available for Wales based artists who may need assistance with travel, accommodation, childcare, costs associated with disabled access or other costs incurred.