One day MESH workshop with Vanessa Grasse at Rubicon, Cardiff.

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On the day we were due to leave the European Union, Groundwork in partnership with Ballet Cymru and Rubicon offers dancers, movers and makers an opportunity to come and dance together “to nurture and sustain simultaneous curiosity in self and group”.

We will explore some of MESH specific ensemble improvisation approaches and specific scores from our MESH performances. We will move between solo and group explorations, investigating how we can move with an awareness of a co-existing self and a group practice and how these can feed one another. We’ll explore continuity of attention, of touch and movement pathways; how far we can extend our sense of ‘here’ and how our moving can be generous and outward looking. We’ll dynamically channel, current, weave and entangle our paths through space as we challenge ourselves to nurture and sustain simultaneous curiosity in self and group. The workshop includes elements of Contact Improvisation, which will support us in the group contact work where we focus on how we can be supportive, stay connected as a group and physically experience interdependence and collaboration.
Please wear comfortable clothes for the indoor sessions and comfortable shoes/trainers,  layers of clothes and waterproof clothes in case we go outside.
MESH performance is a participatory choreography for public spaces that invites audience to join in in the making of public ritual of togetherness, as a response to the current global divisive political climate. About MESH

In the meantime find out more about MESH here.

Photo Boneshaker Photography


This workshop is made possible through partnership with Ballet Cymru.



Bookings are no longer available for this event.

An access fund is available for Wales based artists who may need assistance with travel, accommodation, childcare, costs associated with disabled access or other costs incurred.

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