This week is a mix of Anna Brazier and Caroline Sabin…

Introduction to the Alexander Technique with Anna Brazier, Thursday and Saturday

The class will begin with a short talk to introduce the key ideas. Participants will be invited to experience a lesson which involves very gentle hands on work and discussion. We usually start with sitting lessons, however if anyone has had lessons before they can bring any activity to a lesson – including of course a piece of dance. It may be that there is not time for everyone to have a lesson and not everyone will want one. However people often find there is much to be discovered from watching and joining in the discussion.

Anyone with significant health concerns/ injuries should check with their Gp/ health care professional  about the suitability of the technique for them.


Experiential Anatomy with Caroline Sabin, Friday

Our bodies are extraordinary. Whether you have the intellect of an Einstein or work at a slightly slower pace the intelligence of your body and the evolutionary processes that formed it are capable of tens of thousands times the amount of data processing than is your conscious mind.

That said – if the wrong information about a joint or muscle system is embedded in the conscious mind it can create conflict and confusion when moving – even underpinning chronic injuries.

In this class we will dip our toes into the joy of anatomical knowledge. Through looking at detailed medical illustrations and then working both singly and in pairs, we will understand how the joints of head, neck and shoulder function and how best to allow them to work in the way they were designed to. Many people find greater movement freedom through this process.

Live Physical Practice is donation based. If you have income at the moment donations are welcome but we do not expect payment from freelancers whose income has been disrupted by COVID 19.

If access issues due to e.g. a disability are a barrier to you being able to join Groundwork classes please contact to discuss your requirements confidentially

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