Zoë Solomons continues after morning class, with a full day workshop at the Atrium, University of South Wales.

Class 9.30 – 11am, HUMANS Workshop 11.30 – 1pm, & 2pm – 5pm


The form of our bones evolved over millions of years in response to the need to move in our environment. These forms are a map of our movement history and a key to our movement present. In this workshop we learn to read the shapes of our bones and tissues. Anatomical study leads us in and into movement with intuitive, animal sensitivity and playful expansivity.

To book on, email: groundworkprocardiff@gmail.com 

Zoe is also leading class Wed – Fri

An access fund is available for Wales based artists who may need assistance with travel, accommodation, childcare, costs associated with disabled access or other costs incurred.

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