Groundswell is an open gathering to talk and listen.

We meet to use our practices, our ability to connect with each other, face our current concerns, to question and move into action on whatever terms we can.

It is open to all.

Groundswell will be facilitated by Frank Bock (artist curator at Independent Dance, Existential Psychotherapist, lecturer at Doch, Stockholm on the New Performative Practices Masters programme/ interested in embodiment and language) and Kayte Coe (dance artist, Artistic Director Decoda and lecturer at Coventry University).

Kayte will lead a open level movement class from 10am-12pm that will lead into the Groundswell.  Groundswell will run from 12.15 – 4.30pm.  Please bring a dish so we can share lunch. 

Groundswell is a free event but booking is essential.  To reserve your place please email

Beginning in February 2012 Groundswell began as a series of conversations at Independent Dance where the process of conversation and dialogue stays as a central focus for meeting. These gathering of dance/ artists set out find what is moving in their thinking and practice, not to gather but rather defy static content – no agenda.

The aim of this Groundswell is to connect up knowledge and vital experiences belonging to this present moment; to make links with each other, beyond the usual networking, through meaningful exchange.

Groundswell is a meeting point where artists and others, not just those working in relation to dance, can talk about working. It is open to all; underpinned by the idea that new conversation has the power to be generative. We encourage those from across the art form and beyond – dance artists, teachers, artists, newly graduated, body workers…and so on: you know who you are.”

The ‘basic’ Groundswell questions

  • What is it to be a dance artist today, now?
  • What are the important questions that I experience within my practice?
  • How do I employ the principles and knowledge beyond the immediate dance arenas?
  • Can I think of recent interactions or events that have stimulated my process/ practice?
  • Are there movements that excite me about embodied practice /choreography/ dance performance?
  • How am I applying my experience?
  • What kind of resourcing do I need to sustain all this?
  • How can we usefully find community and communication across different; i) areas; ii) forms of; iii) practice in; iv) applications of dance

About the talking, about the space

These conversations at Groundswell are events in themselves, finding fresh ways of having the experiences and understandings we arrived with.

We find ourselves at a particular time where questions of how to live together sustainably have particularly urgency.

“We say that we ‘conduct’ a conversation but the more genuine a conversation is, the less its conduct lies within the will of each partner. Thus a genuine conversation is never the one that we wanted to conduct. Rather, it is generally more correct to say that we fall into conversation, or even that we become involved in it. The way one word follows another, with the conversation taking its own twists and reaching its own conclusion, may well be conducted in some way, but the partners conversing are far less the leaders of it than the led. No one knows in advance what will ‘come out’ of a conversation. Understanding or its failure is like an event that happens to us.”

Hans Georg Gadamer (:30 Gadamer, 1960/1991)

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