kabinet k makes some of the most daring dance productions you’ll find for younger audiences. Their latest piece, Horses, continues to push their exploration of work performed by adults and children. Their critically acclaimed production Raw was presented at last year’s Edinburgh International Festival. Brought to you in partnership with Fieldwork, this is another workshop opportunity one not to be missed!

Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 March 2017

10am to 5pm


This will be a practice based workshop led by Kabinet K’s artistic directors, Joke Laureyns and Kwint Manshoven

What to expect  –

As an overall goal/purpose: ‘dance, think, share, enjoy’ hoping to reveal a potential of reaching new (young) audiences, and encouraging choreographers of any background to think about presenting their work to a young audience and discovering new possibilities to do so.

We search how to bring a body back to its most essential movement-language and we see what this communicates.

keywords are: basic, simple, essential, necessity

others: playful, physical

The aim is to enlarge our choreographic skills, and to make work that is more transparent for whatever audience, both children ànd adults.

It’s not about making things more simple, it’s about a search for the most essential, the very pure heart of what we would like to communicate as an artist.

Starting from the way we percieve dance/movement as a spectator and using that knowledge finally as a guideline in any creation we can only refer to our own way of handling and making choices as kabinet k, and in the workshop we’d like to share our methods of working with the participants.

Concrete starting point is a series of ‘fysical exercises’ as we do in creating, as well as in workshops with children or adults.

Most of these tasks or exercises were designed to understand movement ‘from within’.

We want to play with these tasks and let every one create small results, based upon that common starting point.

As the results might be different, every individual might become more aware of the potential within his or her own work to present it for young audiences.

But what we consider most important is actively playing and moving, as it contains the real heart of our work and it is the main starting point of every further thinking about sharing ideas in a workshop with people who might not be familiar with the work of kabinet k, or by the field of dance for young audiences at all.

To book your place, please email groundworkprocardiff@gmail.com.

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