Audio practice with Cai Tomos

‘I hope these audio scores may be like simple kindling for the fire of the body and imagination. The scores are companions of sorts, for those of us who spend time alone in spaces. It is one way of many, to open doorways into the dialogue between sensation, imagination, and expression through the body.

There is no one-way of responding to the words, images and invitations I propose. In the practice I invite you to follow what feels useful to follow. You might continually move or be still, or move between both. The intention is to orient towards what might bring resource, and with the spirit of a beginners mind, with patience towards the mystery of the body and imagination.

As the audio score goes along,  It can be helpful to return to the breath when needed so that you can remain connected to the possible aliveness of the connections between sensation and imagination as it changes. The trickster mind can sometimes wish to participate, in a variety of  ways. We can kindly decline its invitation and place our attention someplace else. The audio scores are simple gateways into creative acts that I hope bring us into conversation with our creative selves.’

This score is available in either Welsh or English.


Pre-recorded Practice is a thread of Groundwork’s current program which you can access in your own time and come back to. This practice will be available on our website for 6 months from the release date.

Participants will undertake the activity at their own risk and will be responsible for their own safety while taking part in these classes; Groundwork will not be responsible for any accident or injury.

Live Physical Practice is donation based. If you have income at the moment donations are welcome but we do not expect payment from freelancers whose income has been disrupted by COVID 19.

If access issues due to e.g. a disability are a barrier to you being able to join Groundwork classes please contact to discuss your requirements confidentially

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