Dances that Didn’t happen: Artist Conversations Podcasts

The first episode is now live!

A series of three podcasts, in conversation with female artists who I didn’t get to work with during lockdown. 

This series aims to question where artists have found focus and what shifts we have and are making in this time where many planned productions and potential collaborations have been placed on hold.

Episode 1: Caroline Sabin – In the first of this series of edited conversations, I’m talking with Cardiff based artist Caroline Sabin, in Thompsons Park, Cardiff.

Join us as we navigate sharing sections from a conversation that sits somewhere in the middle of our personal and professional lives. Discussing the productions we would have been working on together, our coping strategies in response to this time of collective absence, mastering the art of meditative ‘sitting practice’, discovering Feldenkrais, our personal breakthroughs and ideas about the art we are yet to make.

*Recorded September 15th 2020.

Listen here

The Garden Series: Artist Conversation with Caroline Sabin

Transcription available here :



Next week, in the second of this series of artist conversation podcasts, I’m talking with Jo Fong.




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