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Here’s a quick update from Luke and Natalie, who are two of our SEEDS artists in residence. They will be sharing their work alongside Shakeera Ahmun at Chapter Stiwdio, 3pm, Saturday 15th December:
It’s Thursday morning.  We’re having a really lovely time.  It feels new and unknown and focused.
We’ve been talking a lot, making lists, moving together and walking together. 
We’ve been thinking about the idea of finding.  What we have found, what we are in the process of finding and what we hope to find.  This has felt like our beginning.
found a home
found new friends
finding a community 
found ourselves welcomed
found a different outlook
Natalie is finding her Welshness 
Luke is trying to find his way from one place to the next
finding new places to eat
finding new routines 
finding new ways of spending time with old friends
found a new barber
finding ways to sustain relationships from afar
finding the time to go outside
finding a bit more peace in the down times
found a bit more freedom 
finding a bit more confidence 
finding something that will last

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