Mike Williams is an independent dance artist based in Swansea. A graduate of Roehampton university 2006, Mike has held prestigious company roles with Earthfall (2008-2010) and FFIN DANCE (2010-2014) and has been performing on a project basis with Exim Dance Company since 2012. He joined Ransack Dance Company and Joon Dance this year and alongside company roles Mike has worked with a wide variety of independent artists such as Henri Oguike, Melanda Dance Company, Chisato Minamimura, Susana B. Williams, Kitsch & Sync Collective

Taking a break from company work, 2015 marked the debut of Mike’s first steps as an emerging choreographer which resulted in his first professional solo being toured with remarkable success throughout the UK, including the Wales Dance Platform 2015, Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Cloud Dance Festival in London. His solo ‘4.33’, inspired by John Cage’s Silent score explored the numerical and anatomical features of the human spine. His work explores creating highly intricate, detailed and athletic choreography that pushes the body to its fullest capabilities and explores the beauty of the human body in its rawest form at a deeply personal level, honest and open to all.

Mike is currently in the initial stages of researching his new solo, ‘BoxedIN’ after having a rewarding and explorative week as an Artist in Residence in March 2017 with National Dance Company Wales.

He recently won a Talent Competition in June 2017 with his lyrical solo ‘Over the Rainbow’ at Maesteg’s Town Hall Star Search Final which he shall be taking to Cardiff Pride next year. He is currently preparing to take his solo 4.33 to perform in Guatemala in October

Alongside his dance career, Mike is a keen Yogi, CrossFit athlete and regularly works as a Teaching Assistant in a variety of schools. 2017 also marks the beginning of his career as a Model.

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