Jennifer-Lynn collaborates most regularly with Charlotte Spencer (and other artists involved) making dance-based work which interweaves sound, visual and theoretical output. The most recent project Walking Stories, a choreographed audio walk, premiered in 2013 and toured successfully throughout 2014, after which it was programmed every day during Dance Umbrella 2015. Jennifer-Lynn’s current project in development, entitled Is this a Waste Land?, was awarded ACE funding and previewed in Spring 2017.

Jennifer-Lynn is drawn to curiosity as an overall orientation and organising mechanism… to philosophy as activity, to perception, to space and time as fabrics we are not separate from, to individuals and their stories… and to movement as a means to opening that curiosity out.

Jennifer-Lynn has had the privilege to teach throughout the UK and internationally, through projects in collaboration with Charlotte Spencer, at festivals, HE institutions such as LCDS and NSCD (where she was on faculty for 9 years) and as part of regional umbrella organisations for professional dance artists.

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