• Aakash Odedra

    Aakash Odedra is an award winning, contemporary British dancer. Aakash was born in Birmingham and trained in the classical Indian dance styles of Kathak (Nilima Devi, Leicester and Asha Joglekar, India) and Bharat Natyam (Chitraleka Bolar, Birmingham and Chhaya Kantaveh, India) . His early development in the United Kingdom saw support from Sampad (including support…

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  • Aaron Vickers

    Aaron has created, toured and worked with Jean Abreu Dance (as a dancer and rehearsal assistant), Ashley Warren, ZoieLogic Dance Theatre, Anthony Lo-Giudice, Vivien Wood, Marc Brew Company, Renaud Wiser Dance Company (RWDC), Alexander Whitley Dance Company, Phoenix Dance Theatre (where he worked with Christopher Bruce and Sharon Watson), Cathy Marston and James Cousins Company.…

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  • Addisu Demissie

    Addisu Demissie has over 20 years of experience as performing artist and teacher working with marginalized groups through dance. He has a significant track record of facilitating dance as a tool for social inclusion. Addisu is the company manger of DESTINO Dance Company in Ethiopia, he uses Ethiopian traditional dance fused with contemporary dance style…

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  • Alleyne Dance

    Kristina and Sadé Alleyne presents Alleyne Dance, an internationally touring, innovative, modern, multi disciplined dance company based in London. Kristina and Sadé have worked with many companies across the years and trained in many genres apart from contemporary dance such as African dance, Hip Hop, Kathak, Latin and Circus Skills. They were originally athletes and…

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  • Amy Bell

    Amy is a London-based performer and maker. She read English at Cambridge University and trained at London Contemporary Dance School.

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  • Andrea Buckley

    Mae’n ddrwg gen i, mae’r cofnod hwn dim ond ar gael mewn Saesneg Prydain. Andrea Buckley is a certified Rolfer, dance performer, maker and teacher whose work is informed by 29 years of practice. Through various engagements and initiatives within the UK and abroad she has worked with artists such as Rosie Lee, Sue MacLenan, Kirstie…

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  • Anna Brazier

    Anna Brazier worked as a Clinical Psychologist and Systemic Psychotherapist in the NHS until recently when she left to complete an MFA at Cardiff Met. Anna began studying the Alexander Technique in 2004 and became so excited by the ideas that she went on to train as a teacher. Now she is combining her Alexander…

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  • A

    Mae’n ddrwg gen i, mae’r cofnod hwn dim ond ar gael mewn Saesneg Prydain. Annie Hanauer is an independent dance artist based between London and France, originally from the USA. Annie regularly collaborates with other artists as a performer, initiates her own choreographic projects, and facilitates classes and workshops nationally and internationally.  Her current research…

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  • Ashley Handel

    Originally from Southern California, Ashley is a dancer, performer, and choreographer living in NYC for 6 years. She holds a BFA in Dance and Choreography from California Institute of the Arts and has studied on exchange at London Contemporary Dance School. She collaborates with NYC based artists Tatyana Tenenbaum, Alex Rodabaugh, and Third Rail Projects,…

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  • Ben McEwen

    Mae’n ddrwg gen i, mae’r cofnod hwn dim ond ar gael mewn Saesneg Prydain. Ben graduated from TrinityLaban before going on to complete the training cycle at P.A.R.T.S. (BE). Now he regularly works as a performer and movement researcher for (among others); Charlotte Spencer Projects,  Vera Tussing, Francesco Scavetta/WEE and Lisa May Thomas. Alongside performing…

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The Groundwork Winter Round-Up

Annwyl ddawnswyr, symudwyr a gwneuthurwyr, Mi rydym wedi gorffen am y fkwyddyn ac am anfon casgliad o’r gwaith arbennig sydd wedi cael ei greu fel rhan o Hadau Ar Led a Groundwork Presents yn ystod ein rhaglen Sefydlogi. Ac fel atgof mae ein dosbarthiadau ar-lein dal yn fyw i chi gael hyfforddi tra bod ni’n…

a red tiled corner kitchen surface with sweet potatoes an acorn squash and various fresh vegetables

Becky Johnson, Artist Hadau ar Led

Becky Johnson Artist Hadau ar Led Medi 2020  Didi’s Cookbook Mae Didi’s Cookbook yn archwilio syniadau yn ymwneud â llyfr coginio a ysgrifennodd fy Nhaid i mi. Mae’r llyfr bywgraffyddol hwn wedi’i lenwi â ryseitiau, anecdotau ac awgrymiadau o bob cwr o’r byd. Mae’r darn yn archwilio nid yn unig sut rydym yn gweithio gyda…

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