Mae’n ddrwg gen i, mae’r cofnod hwn dim ond ar gael mewn Saesneg Prydain.

Saturday and Sunday, 13th & 14th July at the Atrium, University South Wales

Through a partnership with ID, Tanz Fabrik Berlin and The Work Room, Groundwork are super excited to be bringing Karen Nelson to the UK for our summer series of workshops and training.

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Class will include rigorous sensory warm-ups, physicalising through Contact Improvisation and playing with a cluster of scores to grow edges.

Bringing together two unique and related systems—Material for the Spine (MfS) and Tuning Scores—we will dive deep and fast into the slow-time speed-less body.

MfS sensations including action that indicates imagination as physicality intertwined, locating and distinguishing centres of mass, offers a sense of length, reflexive balance and expansion into space. MfS is also a warm-up for Contact Improvisation (CI) studies.

Tuning Scores, in unison with sensing, particularly physicalising seeing, partnering with the environment, and calibrating attentional/compositional desire, offers us “single image” medicine— the antidote score to a busy world.

Giving into gravity’s call is a trustworthy proposition. We do it all the time in our every day movement usually within environments we are accustomed to. In CI we get to play within the environment of an unpredictable partner to enhance our falling dance with gravity. Trust comes with embodied knowing of one’s own capacities. We will train in both: trust and falling.

It will be a mix of all these elements, both days, both mix. We will keep adding to the mix.

‘The more a person attends, the more tools they have to navigate the weekend, and to take away with them.’

More from our Summer workshop series:

Eco-Practice with Kip Johnson

Charlie Morrissey

These will be followed by 3 days of workshops being run by Rubicon:

Wed 17 July – Paul Kitcher (Fallen Angels)

Thurs 18 July – Dance and Dementia

Fri 19 July – Safe Practice

Contact Rubicon for details

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