Groundspace is free space provided by Chapter every Friday. It’s an opportunity to develop your personal practice, exchange skills and ideas, or to begin or engage in a creative process.

Click here for more info on Groundspace Bonanza, 9 – 14th December

Click on the links below for further info on weekly and monthly opportunities – they are all possible ways of using the space. Alternatively, you can turn up any Friday morning at Chapter, 9.30am to move for yourself, if you haven’t used this before, send us a quick email at

Mae Groundspace yn gyfle i ddatblygu ymarfer personol, cyfnewid sgiliau a syniadau a chychwyn ar, neu barhau â phroses greadigol.

YN RHAD AC AM DDIM yn Stiwdio Ddawns Chapter, Caerdydd

Bob dydd Gwener

  • 9.30 – 11.30        Cyfnod agored
  • 11.30 – 1.30        Cadwch le o flaen llaw*

Ffurflen gais

Llenwch y ffurflen i gadw’r stiwdio, ar sail cyntaf i’r felin. RHAID ei chadw erbyn dydd Iau yr wythnos ynghynt. Os na, ni allwch ei neilltuo ar eich cyfer chi’ch hunan.

Mae’n gyfle i:

  • Gychwyn ar broses greadigol
  • Rannu gwaith ar y gweill
  • Wahodd eraill i arbrofi gyda’ch syniadau
  • Roi cynnig ar fodd o gydweithio
  • Ysgogi trafodaeth
  • Gynnal eich ymarfer, ac ymarfer eich gwaith

Darbwyllwch ni un ai ydych am rannu’r stiwdio neu beidio.

Os ydych am ei rhannu gallwn roi’r gair ar led.

Offer am ddim – mae National Theatre Wales wedi bod yn ddigon hael i gynnig camera, trybedd ayb i dddefnyddwyr Groundspace. Gofynir i chi gysylltu â Simon Coates er mwyn trefnu codi a dychwelyd offer.


Studio Space Booking Form

If you want to develop a teaching practice or to begin teaching at a professional level for the first time, we encourage you to use Groundspace to offer an open class and share your practice.

These open classes can take place any Friday that we don’t already hold a class and you can offer just one, or as many as you feel you need.

You will receive free mentoring from Zosia Jo.

To apply for teacher development, or to start a conversation about your teaching practice, email us at

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